Cold Laser Therapy Adelaide

The Lunula Cold Laser

Cold Laser Therapy Adelaide
Cold Laser Treatment Adelaide

Lunula Cold Laser

The Lunula Laser is the first and only non-thermal laser to receive FDA 510(k) Market Clearance for new clear nail growth. The Lunula Low-Level Cold Laser enlists your own body’s immune response to eradicate the fungus. This fungal nail treatment uses two specific low-powered laser beams simultaneously to help destroy the fungus infecting your toenails and present in the nail bed and surrounding skin.

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What is Low-Level Laser Therapy and How Does It Work?

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT), also commonly referred to as cold laser therapy, is a form of treatment that utilises laser light to induce cellular changes and accelerate the healing process. Unlike traditional lasers, cold lasers emit a low level of light that is non-invasive and no heat effects are generated during treatment.

When used in the treatment of fungal nails, low level light therapy uses laser light that penetrates through the nail and the surrounding skin to target the fungal cells at a cellular level, triggering the body’s natural immune response to fight the fungus.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Adelaide
Cold Laser Treatments Adelaide

Two laser beams used:

Blue (405nm)

This laser directly and specifically attacks the fungal cells. It causes changes in the outer wall, weakening it significantly, and allowing the body’s immune system to attack and destroy the fungal cells.

Red (635nm)

This wavelength acts on the body’s natural immune cells – strengthening them, making them more active and able to kill the weakened fungus. In addition, the red light improves blood flow, bringing nutrients and additional immune cells to the affected area which speeds up the eradication process.

Effective Treatment
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Lunula Laser Mechanism

Advantages of the Lunula Cold Laser

Uses low-level laser light to stimulate the growth of strong, clear and healthy nails.

12 minutes a foot to complete.

Cold Laser Therapy in Adelaide
Lunula Laser Introduction
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Lunula Laser Webinar
Sept 7th, 2016 Presented by Martine Abrahams


The number of sessions needed depends on the severity and range of the fungal infection. Some patients may see positive changes after just one session, while others may require multiple treatments to achieve the best outcomes. Your podiatrist will discuss the best treatment plan for your specific needs.

The healing process varies from patient to patient. Generally, you can expect to see initial improvements within a few weeks after starting the therapy. For more stubborn or severe infections, it might take longer to notice significant changes.

Besides treating fungal nail conditions, low-level laser therapy is also effective for a variety of other issues. This includes musculoskeletal pain, soft tissue injuries, inflammation, and certain chronic conditions. The treatment stimulates collagen production and improves blood flow, aiding in the overall healing process.

Medicare can potentially cover laser nail treatments, however this would require it fulfils certain criteria which your GP will need to determine. For those with Private Health Insurance with podiatry cover will cover a portion of every treatment.